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To meet the growing individualization of our machinesmore

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topCLEAR advantages

topCLEAR is a proven brand

For about 20 years we supply and install vertical glass washing machines topCLEAR series. With the experience of over 600 installed systems, we can assure you that even your device is so equipped and configured so that it corresponds exactly to the needs of your company

Stainless steel material for the base frame and machine body

Since the beginning we make great efforts on practical and solid design of the machines. This of course means a massively engineered base frame with base plate made of stainless steel. This is the only way to guarantee easy performed maintenance for years. Also, the machine body and all equipment in the washing area are made of stainless materials!

Individually configurable device

Despite a very extensive range of products we nearly deliver no machine similar to the next. We offer the advantage that we can build the machine right in the equipment and configuration that fulfils your demands. Due to flexible production possbilities the delivery time is not longer than for similar and often highly standardized products!

Close distance between transport rollers - standard

All topCLEAR washing machines are fitted with a reduced roller distance – inside and outside the machine body. This is the only way to ensure that even short glasses can be washed without any problem and danger.

Noise reduction box for fan - standard

Of course, we strive to meet the requirements of a modern production system as possible - including the best insulation against airborne noise. All topCLEAR glass washing machines are fitted as a standard with a noise reduction box for the blower motor and fan, also including an air filter at the inlet

Clear control panel - standard

All topCLEAR glass washing machines are - depending on the series - equipped with modern and easy to use control panels. Even in connection with an often desired automation of the plant the operation still remains clear and easy. If desired, even a plain text display with on-line user interface is available.

In-line-linking and automation as needed

topCLEAR glass washing machines are well prepared for connecting or linking with other devices, either before or after the washing process. We equip your machine so that it works perfectly with other systems - of course also from other manufacturers. Very common are combinations with grinding or drilling machines, robots lately, of course, for loading and unloading. Also special requirements of solar or insulating glass industry can be respected.

Resource and energy saving

topCLEAR glass washing machines are equipped with stainless steel tank for circulating the wash water in the brush zones. Each washing zone is equipped with its own filter. In addition, we provide part- or fully automatic water-circulation systems - either by feeding from an osmosis system. Also on request we can equip your machine with an Auto-Start system. This ensures that the brushes, the pumps and the fan are switched automatically on/off only when needed – even in case of irregular feeding. Auto-Start is saving money and reduces energy and maintenance expenses.

Comprehensive and clear documentation

According to our and your legitimate demands on the machine – also the accompanying documentation is executed. Expect a manual and a parts list, which explains the machine fully and accurately, possible replacement and sparte parts are clearly shown and described. Spare parts can be shipped quickly from our stock.

A support which is NOT ending on assembling the machine

Another advantage of the long term, quality-oriented business strategy can only be seen after years. Our customer service does not end with delivery or installation of the system, but is also available to answer questions on the application or in the case of maintenance or spare parts. Quick, easy and on demand at your site!